Interreg IVb: Alpine Space Programme 3rd call


The Alpine Space programme´s overall aim is to increase the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the cooperation area in a sustainable way. Thus it supports transnational projects in the Alpine area fostering territorial development and cohesion. These projects involve key actors of the cooperation area and develop joint actions for shared solutions on specific Alpine issues as laid down in the programme "priorities":

1. Competitiveness and Attractiveness:

  • strengthening innovation capabilities of SMEs, creating appropriate environments for their development and fostering stable cooperation between R&TD centers and SMEs;
  • enhancing development options based on traditional sectors and cultural heritage, as well as on emerging sectors at transnational level;
  • strengthening the role of urban areas as engines for sustainable development;
  • strengthening rural-urban relations and the development of peripheral areas.

2. Accessibility and Connectivity:

  • securing a fair access to public services, transport, information, communication and knowledge infrastructure within the programme area;
  • promoting and improving access and use of existing infrastructures in order to optimize the economical and social benefits, and to reduce environmental consequences;
  • enhancing connectivity for the reinforcement of polycentric territorial patterns and for laying the basis for a knowledge-driven and information society;
  • promoting sustainable and innovative mobility models with specific regard to environmental, human health and equality related issues;
  • mitigating the negative consequences of traffic flows crossing the Alps. 

3. Environment and Risk Prevention

  • enhancing cooperation in environmental protection issues;
  • stimulating integrated approaches to conservation, planning and management of natural resources and cultural landscape;
  • stimulating the development of resource efficiency with respect to water, energy, land use, raw materials and other natural resources;
  • coping with the effects of climate change;
  • forecasting, predicting, mitigating and managing the impacts of natural and technological hazards.


The 3rd Call for Project Proposals under the Alpine Space Programme is envisaged to open in September 2010.

A detailed timeline specifying deadlines and the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the two-step application procedure will be announced in June 2010.

The Call will be open to the three programme priorities with particular attention to themes not covered so far. The areas of intervention will be specified in the ToR.




Joint Technical Secretariat

ETC - Alpine Space Programme
Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt
Lazarettstr. 67
80636 München - Germany

Phone: + 49 (0) 89 9214 1800


angekündigte nächste Deadline:

September 2010